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From Elevate News | March 2016

Our brand new website!

What’s new?

We’ve started again. We wanted to make a website that gives everyone a clear insight into exactly who we are and what we do. Our ‘Programs’ page includes multiple videos previewing our seminars so you can get a taste of what we talk about in the classroom.

For Parents?

Make sure you check out our ‘news’ section of the site, which features plenty of tips regarding how parents can help their children navigate the challenges of high school. The articles go into depth regarding a range of topics from motivation, time management, and even a list of top apps that help students stay focused and organized.

We’ve also got an FAQ section here so parents can get an idea of exactly what we do and how they can assist their children.

For students?

We’re incredibly excited to have developed a brand new student portal, which is launching VERY soon... It provides students with access to a vast array of study resources. We’ve launched our Biology and Legal Studies video series, which are completely free and leads students through a step by step guide to acing the subject.

We’ve also compiled a number of videos containing helpful quick tips from our presenters on memorisation, exam technique, and productivity.

Beyond the video tips, we’re included an entire section on Practice Questions so that students can consistently test their understanding over the course of the year. Building on this, we’ve made a set of resources and planners that students can access to take the guess work out of planning for a year of success.

Have a look around and we hope you enjoy our refurbished digital home!

-The Elevate Team

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